One of the first questions we get asked is who, why and what is Straw Jonny? The name comes from being stood at the counter of a popular fast food outlet asking our friend if he would like a straw. Despite saying Straw Jonny several times, he wasn't listening. From that day though it seems to have become our way of asking someone to fetch something. Which suits our business, you ask us to make or do something for you, and we give it to you, unlike our friend Jonny though you don't need to ask five times. We're a bit random like that, we're not your usual IT company. Which we like, we want to be different. We create stand out design, we don't want it to be the same as most others. We support our community and look after our environment. We want to know our clients as people not as pay cheques, not like most others. We honestly believe that there is a right way of doing business, and we are dedicated to doing things that way, our way.