Steph Knowles, is an experienced hypnotherapist based in West Yorkshire. She works with people dealing with a range of behaviours that are having an impact on their current wellbeing and quality of life.

Her approach is focused on finding solutions and together addressing how to improve your day to day life, whether that is having a full, relaxing night’s sleep, feeling more confident, dealing with feelings of anxiety, learning how to manage stress or other bad habits and feelings.

Too often we simply carry on, ignoring the signals that our body is giving us that something is not working. By focusing on the control we have as people and how to actively achieve our goals I can guide you to make the changes you want to.

It is suggested that only a tiny amount of your long term happiness can be predicted by your external environment (work, home, family, financial situation etc). The most accurate predictor? How you see that environment is the key influence on your overall feeling of happiness. By adjusting the lens, you see the world very differently, helping you refocus and redefine ‘happiness.’ Life is short. And we spend our time looking after everyone around us. Invest in yourself and I guarantee you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

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