Expand Your Network With #ThirdThurs in Castleford

Expand Your Network With #ThirdThurs in Castleford

The #ThirdThurs business networking group got off to a flying start, and there’s still plenty of scope for new members to join.

With a lively programme of speakers offering entertainment and the chance to learn something new, plus the opportunity to extend your community reach and forge new business friends, it’s no wonder we have 50+ businesses attending each meeting, and counting.

Inspiration and Entertainment

We kicked off in January with an inspiring talk from Daryl Powell, the head coach of Castleford Tigers, and followed that up in February with a presentation by ourselves from the Pontefract and Castleford What’s On Guide.

The next meeting, our third, features a talk from Michael Lewin Solicitors on the important topic of Social Media in the Workplace, looking at some of the mishaps and what you should avoid. The temptation to take the odd peak at Facebook or Twitter when you’re sitting at an internet-connected computer is huge, but… The presentation should be enlightening for everyone.

Networking brings huge benefits to us all, personally as well as professionally. You can never have too many friends amongst your fellow local business owners, but sometimes it’s hard to get to know them.

New Faces Soon Become Old Friends

#ThirdThurs plugs that gap, with a free breakfast and the chance for a bit of social interaction so you can finally put a face to the businesses you pass everyday on the street.

It’s a whole lot of fun, but there’s a serious side too as the life blood for any business is winning new clients, selling more stock or reaching new customers.

As a #ThirdThurs member you stand to reap the benefits of our growing popularity on Twitter, and take part in our regular #pontcashour promotions.

And, with a new website in development, there will soon be even more opportunities to carve your place in the business community and extend your brand recognition. We’re not promising you’ll be a national household name by next week, but you’ll certainly reap the rewards of an extended local network.

Join Us in March – It’s Free

Want to share in the success and be part of the action? Come along to the next meeting on the 17th March, and bring your business cards, brochures, leaflets or flyers with you.

Meetings are lively and informative and, you read it right, there’s no charge. Just bring a smile and a willingness to share your business expertise and knowledge. There are lots of friendly faces already waiting to welcome you in.

You’ll find us at Castleford Tigers RLFC from 7.30 am till 9am. You’ll go away with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the business day, and a load of new friends to add to your circle.

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